The scarlet letter stylistic prose techniques

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The Scarlet Letter: Metaphor Analysis

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Stylistic device

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The purpose of this course is to enable students to read complex texts with understanding and to write prose of sufficient richness and complexity to communicate effectively with mature readers.

Students will become increasingly aware of their own writing and of the techniques employed by the writers they read. Within The Scarlet Letter, Hawthorne employs a number of different literary devices including irony, metaphor, and personification. These devices, and others, occur throughout the text and more information can be found on their respective analysis pages.

Hawthorne Writing Style

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Stylistic device

AP English Language and Composition Course Overview Students in this introductory college-level course read and carefully analyze a broad and challenging range of American non-fiction prose selections, deepening their awareness of rhetoric and how language works.

Hawthorne's stylistic techniques, asserting that the total accounts for the paucity of critical comment on Hawthorne * s style "by remarking that these mechanical elements of prose--"patterns of his "The Writing of T£e Scarlet Letter." New England quarterly.

XXVII (September, ^ The easiest stylistic device to identify is a simile, signaled by use of the words "like" or "as".

Stylistic device

A simile is a comparison used to attract the reader's attention and describe something in descriptive terms.

The scarlet letter stylistic prose techniques
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Style Examples and Definition - Literary Devices